Quality Policy

Presstona Tile Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has won the trust and respect of the customers by consistently delivering products & services that are parallel with the global standards in terms of quality, durability and designs. In order to consistently deliver outstanding quality of products and services, the firm has adopted the following policies.

Material Sourcing

Connecting and collaborating with the national & international suppliers of high quality raw materials and continuously nurture those relationships in the long term.

Committed Workforce

Selecting and training the workforce who are committed and passionate about what they do and encourage and facilitate continuing professional development.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction

Carefully listening to the needs and the ideas of the customers to identify their taste and expected designs to deliver customized solutions that match those specifications.

Project Management

Integrating and putting into practice proven project management strategies to complete and deliver the undertaken projects on time.

Professional Quality Assurance

Assess the quality of the completed project by qualified quality assurance professionals to ensure the project is in accordance with the said quality.

Continuous Improvement

Invested in continuously improving and streamlining the production process and other operations to offer an exemplary and benchmark setting products and services

About Us

Presstona Tile Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was initiated 25 years age as a cement & terrazzo flooring company by Mr.M.D.R Silva. Gaining wealth of industry experience and exposure to global standards, ...