About us


Presstona Tile Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was initiated 25 years age as a cement & terrazzo flooring company by Mr.M.D.R Silva. Gaining a wealth of industry experience and exposure to global standards, the company took the plunge into cement and terrazzo manufacturing in the year 2004 with the aid of state of the art Italian technology.

Presstona Tile Lanka is the pioneer in introducing the state of the art Italian technology and the eco-friendly cement tile manufacturing to the Sri Lankan tile and flooring industry. The innovative products and solutions of the company have been recognized and awarded during the 2015 MASSCO awards where Presstona Tile Lanka won the gold award for Vanguard of Motherland.

Presstona Tile Lanka is not just a tile manufacturer and supplier of premium quality tiles but also the provider of complete flooring solutions from design and specification stages through to fixing and installation for residential and commercial establishments under the name- Ranjith Terrazzo.

Since its inception, the company has been focusing on delivering quality and durable products and trendsetting flooring solutions that reflect the contemporary designs and sophistication. And we pride ourselves for undertaking and successfully completing high profile flooring projects across the country.

The hallmarks of the Presstona Tile Lanka are quality, durability and attractive styles. We work closely with the customers to understand their requirements and the desired style to come up with well integrated solutions where the ideas of the customers are seamlessly blended with the professional designers. The process results in innovative and contemporary designs that (most of the times) exceed the customer expectations and the existing trends of the flooring and tile industry.

Presstona Tile Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has established a reputation for innovative and premium quality products that has a longer life cycle. For this we have invested in utilizing the state of the art Italian technology and the finest quality raw materials from both national and international suppliers. The company has established  standards , quality control & management system built to maintain the quality of the products to match with the global quality standards. Therefore, we are fully confident of the quality and the durability of our products to recommend them to the customers.



To be the premium quality tile manufacturer and flooring solution provider with a global presence


Seamlessly integrate natural raw materials, state of the art technology and innovative craftsmanship to produce exceptional quality durable tiles that match the specifications and the taste of the customers.

Our Values


The company has established a reputation for premium quality products and services that match the global quality standards. To consistently deliver and sustain the premium quality the firm has invested in sourcing high quality raw materials, cutting edge technology and a standard quality management system.


It is the commitment to innovation that set us apart from the marketplace competition. Prestona Tile Lanka is the only Sri Lankan company that manufacture agglomerated cement tiles and the forerunner of introducing the modern Italian technology to the tile manufacturing industry of the country.

Customer Satisfaction

We have realized that nothing comes before the satisfaction of the customers. As a consequence the company has committed to achieve the long term customer satisfaction. We carefully listen ,understand and communicate the requirement of the customers and deliver products and services that surpass the customer expectations.


We work in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards. And we maintain transparency and openness in all our business activities. Our strict adherence to transparency and ethical standards has helped us to win the trust of some of discerning clients in commercial & hospitality sector.

Team Spirit

We believe team work makes the creative and innovative work. At Presstona Tiles Lanka all the staff – designers, project managers, engineers, and skill workers work in collaborations to build and deliver innovative products and trendsetting flooring solutions.

About Us

Presstona Tile Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was initiated 25 years age as a cement & terrazzo flooring company by Mr.M.D.R Silva. Gaining wealth of industry experience and exposure to global standards, ...